About us

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Antičević-Zeleni Med j.d.o.o. is a company that is registered for production, marketing and services.
The many activity is production of homogenised food compositions and dietary foods as well as cosmetics.

History of Antičević-Green Honey

Antičević-Zeleni Med j.d.o.o has emerged based on many years of family tradition from crafts “Api Herba” which was led by my father, sir Pero Antičević,
to the general public known by his healing preparation, the so-called “the miraculous green honey”. I was in my early ages when I fell in love with the nature
and my father had transferred me his passion for studying herbs and bee products. My effort invested in years of researching the most serious diseases was
coming from my heart because apitherapy and phytotherapy are my calls with which I continue my family tradition and in 2009 I set up my own company.

Long time of work, research and examination of the healing of natural materials and tracking world
health research was designed to help the sufferers, that is, to make a “natural remedy” that will help
cure people, and help some health problems


The power of nature enriched with knowledge and quality in the hart of each of our products.
Such synergy of past knowledge, natural ingredients and traditional recipes are key to creating
unique high quality health and beauty prodcuts. We are proud of the prodcuts by knowing that through
our effectiveness our prodcuts help children and adults to maintain their health.


Our business is certified accord to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and in accordance
with HACCP requirements for the production of dietary supplements, confirming that
our business is aligned with the guidelines that guarantee the quality and safety of
cosmetic products and dietary supplements. We will also continue to work on refining processes
within our system to make our products as good as our valued customers and business partners are satisfied.