Package delivery

We send packages via Croatian Post, Paket24. You can check the status of the postal item at any time.
The cost of postage depends on the weight of the package, place of delivery, additional services such as sensitive content, delivery of the package within 24 hours, delivery deadline by 10, 15 or 20:00, delivered personally to the recipient, delivery on Saturdays, fee for the purchase shipment.
For an accurate calculation of shipping costs, below is a link to the website of Croatian Post, Paket24.
For the calculation of shipping costs for foreign customers, please contact us in advance!
We send packages in the order of received orders!
NOTE: the deadline for product delivery is 5-10 working days from the receipt of the order for Croatia, 10-15 working days for EU countries, up to 30 days for third countries

All products can be ordered by phone and mobile phone, email and web shop.

NOTE FOR PAYMENT DURING COLLECTION: The recipient of the redemption shipment, i.e. payment on delivery, additionally pays a fee for the payment of the redemption amount.