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the in the pack are two pieces of Green aloe syrup. The second piece is GRATIS!

Healthy liver and healthy digestion are the key to good health!

  • pure blood from bacteria and fungi (dermatitis, psoriasis, skin eczema, fungal Candida infection)
  • it purifies lymph, sleeps the focus in the body and prevents the cancer from spreading
  • strengthened digestive tract function (regulates digestion)
  • it regenerates diseased liver and pancreas
  • regulates blood pressure and type 2 diabetes in a natural way
  • syrup can be used by diabetics and people over 18 years of age

Recommendation: for a faster recovery from illness in chemotherapy and radiation with syrup Green aloe which cleanses blood from carcinogenic cells, we recommend continuously taking Green Honey to strengthen immunity because it contains natural iron, gives strength and raises energy. It also eases side effects such as nausea, vomiting, weakness and exhaustion of the body, hair and eyebrow loss are common consequences when receiving cytostatic therapy.

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