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Pro-mo package of syrup Green aloe 1000 ml + Green propolis

Green aloe syrup in the treatment of Candida albicans. You can effectively solve the problem of Candida fungal infection with Green aloe syrup and a radical change of diet. Modern lifestyle, fast food, fall in immunity, stress, antibiotics, drugs, can lead to an imbalance in intestinal flora (dybiosis) or excessive reproduction of poor microorganisms including fungi. The most common fungal infection is Candida, which attacks the skin and nails, and the oral, vaginal, urinary and anal mucous membranes of the bronchs and lungs. Since the fungal infection of Candida multiplies through the blood when the body gets too acidified, the fungus also spreads to the skin and skin eczema occurs from moderate allergies from ve to more severe forms such as dermatitis, psoriasis, decubitus and open wounds. The most common symptoms of fungal infection are fatigue, thickening, stress, nervousness, bloating, indigestion, chronic diseases, bacteria, fungi, common infections, dizziness, headache, respiratory health problems, bad breath and common aphthae, etc.

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