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Antičević-green honey

for Children and Adults – Food Supplement

(Acacia honey, broccoli, young wheat, royal jelly, non-alcoholic propolis)

Increases body resistance, helps with cough, bronchitis, asthma, allergies, anemia, gastritis and stress.
It is recommended for all chronic diseases for faster recovery.

Green Honey Drops

for Children and Adults – Food Supplements

(Acacia honey, cod liver oil, bee pollen, royal jelly, non-alcoholic propolis, broccoli)

Recommended for proper child development and for development of the brain and nervous system. It boost appetite, helping with neurodermatitis, dermatitis, hyperactivity. Green Honey drops have anti-inflammatory activity.

Syrup Green Aloe

Food Supplement

(Acacia honey, chicory, propolis, garlic, ale vera, broccoli)

Cleans and regenerates liver diseases, helps with chronic diseases: allergies, skin eczema, psoriasis, bacteria, viruses and fungi (Candida). Regulates blood pressure and sugar in a natural way.
It stops spreading chronic diseases and cancers.
Recommended during chemotherapy and radiation theapy for faster recovery.

Honey with black cumin oil

for Children and Adults – Food Supplements

(Acacia honey, cold pressed black cumin seed oil)

Exceptional healing has been shown in arthritis, rheumatism, external and internal hemorrhoids, thyroid disease, and autoimmune diseases.

Green Propolis Spray For Adults

Food Supplements

(Propolis, broccoli)

Recommended for: coughs, soar throat, inflammation of the gums, parapentoses, gingivitis, toothache, and bad breath.


for Children and Adults – Food Supplement

(Nettle, Yarrow, Marigold, Elderberry and Mint.)

It has anti-inflammatory properties, purifies the blood, stimulates the kidneys and urinary tract, soothes the stomach, helps with PMS. Sweeten with GREEN HONEY

Antičević cream

for Children and Adults – dermatologically tested

(Base, Cold-pressed black cumin seed oil, Non Alcoholic Propolis)
For sensitive skin care and skin  prone to allergies. It works for: acne, psoriasis, neurodermitis, decubitus, seborrheic dermatitis, dry skin, fungi and lichens, scars and striations. Fully hydrates skin, reduces wrinkles and reduces skin redness.

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