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Handball club “Vogošća Poljine Hills”

In mid-fifties, Vogosca began to play handball. The first appearances in the federal league have been recorded since 1960, mostly in the republican rank. Today the handball club “Vogošća Poljine Hills” writes its new site history. This current Premier League is the vicepresident of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the winner of the BiH Cup 2015/2016, one of the biggest handball competition in BiH. They are proud of what we are and our goal is to be even better and the best BH handball club.

Being even better requires great work and effort. As we want our players to be healthy, ready, and strong in their body, we have been looking for products that are on a natural basis, so we’ve come up with Antičević-Green Honey products. We were sure that’s what we wanted and we got in touch with Mrs. Klaudija Antičević. Through a conversation with Mr. By klaudia and consumption of its products we realized that this is what we need and that its products are consumed by a lot of athletes.

Great thanks to Antičević’s products – Green Honey that will help our club achieve the best results and achieve our goals together. Again, thank you, sir. Klaudija Antičević recognized our work and quality and what our support will be in the coming seasons.

Željka Šaban Hrvatska

Željka Šaban, Croatia Triathlon, a member of the Swibir Triathlon Club from Zagreb, a professor of kinesiology at the University of Zagreb, started her sports career in swimming and continued in the triathlon.

After successful results in short triathlon (Croatian Vice Sprint in Sprint and Olympic Triathlon 2008, Croatian Triathlon Cup Vice-Cup 2008, Croatian Triathlon Cup winner 2006, 2007, Croatian Champion in Sprint Triathlon 2006, 2007, Croatian Champion in Olympic Triathlon 2006) is directed to long triathlon.

It is a record company of Croatia in Ironman. Carries the title of Croatian Champion at the Double Olympic Triathlon 2010 and wins the third place in the ITU World Triathlon Triumph for 2010, wins the 10th place at the European Championship in Dugo Triathlon, 13th in the Dugi Triathlon World Championship and 4th in the race World Triangle Trials Series.

He has achieved his greatest career achievement so far in the 2010 season, ranking in the 3rd place of the ITU’s World Triangle Triumph for 2010, and earning the right to the first category of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

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