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List of pharmacies we work with


Antičević cream

Antičevic black cream contains cold pressed black seed oil (Nigella Sativa) and non-alcoholic propolis. It is intended for children and adults for dermal care.


Green propolis

Green propolis is one of the wondrous natural remedies that kills anything that hurts the healthy organism, while maintaining healthy tissue and treating the diseased.


Cleansing extra

The tea extra clean is intended for children and adults. Due to the mild taste, but the effective composition of herbs, its purpose is broad.


Honey with black cumin

a unique healing combination for children and adults. It is made in a special and natural way, on the base of acacia honey and cold pressed organic black oil.


Green aloe

Green fields are honey syrup with the most exquisite plants that destroy fungus and parasites, created on the basis of a long-standing family tradition.


Green honey draps

They are extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, abundant antioxidants and make up a complete energy formula for children and adults.


Green honey extra

Green Med Extra, termed “NATURAL DRINK” because of its extremely medicinal composition, has a wide spectrum of action, ie cure in nearly all forms of KARCINOMA.


Laboratory Services

The company also offers you the service of food supplements and cosmetic products.


In our offer you can find products that are completely natural, made from a variety of plants.


Order your product for yourself or for your child. We want you good health!

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